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Cloud Communications in Healthcare

How to Improve Patient Experience, Maximize Revenue, and Handle Information Securely

In this ebook you’ll learn:
  • How the right cloud communications platform can improve patient experiences
  • Cloud communications’ ability to enhance operations to be more secure and provide optimal doctor/patient interactions in the best communications channel
  • The power of having the right API platform for automated messaging
  • How a cloud-based contact center can save healthcare providers time and money
A good read for:
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Customer experience leads
  • IT managers

Cloud Communications in Healthcare: Introduction

From patient experience and regulatory compliance to revenue and profitability, there’s a lot at stake for today’s healthcare providers. However, years of disparate technologies, policies, and processes are stifling many healthcare organizations and making it more difficult for them to operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

A seismic shift is shaking up the healthcare industry. Patients and consumers are one and the same. Patients expect value-based care, which means that providers must deliver outstanding service and results. At the same time, patients are more savvy, and are often more informed and comfortable managing their own care. Whether a patient is scheduling a video consult with their physician or receiving a follow-up appointment reminder, patient experience is crucial to the savvy patient.