Amazon Chime Understands Your Need to Collaborate

Mobility is a pretty big deal in the business world these days. You know what else is a pretty big deal? Communication. Admittedly, communication has been a bigger emphasis for a much longer period of time—just imagine what Albert Einstein or Henry Ford could have done with a smartphone—but Amazon Web Services has recently taken the opportunity to combine these two aspects of modern business in an innovative way.

Amazon Chime makes business communication simpler, and it's available with Vonage Business Cloud.

Amazon Chime is a service for cloud communications on the surface, but something much more useful underneath. Offering online meetings, video conferencing, chat, and more, this business communication service separates itself from a crowded market by bundling collaboration tools that you might need in one easy-to-use solution.

Consider this scenario: You're working on a new product design with your pal, Larry, looking over your shoulder. It's soon discovered that the current prototype may not meet all specifications. You attempt to get Susan from engineering on the phone, but she's currently heading to a conference out of town. Time to schedule a future meeting, right?

However, Amazon Chime allows you to easily reach Susan even when she's on the go by having all of her devices ring when you call. Whether she's in a cab, waiting in line to check her bags, or boarding the plane, you can call her, share your screen and any additional documents, and conduct the meeting right then and there, all with one application. The beauty of this approach is that you didn't need to have anything predetermined. There are no email invites, browser plugins, or multiple applications to sift through — you can simply use Amazon Chime as the moment dictates.

Breaking Down the Plans

Amazon Chime comes in three tiered categories: Basic, Plus, and Pro. As you can guess, the Basic tier offers a simplified experience, including one-on-one video and voice calls for up to two people, along with chat and chatroom capabilities to expand your audience beyond that. This tier's greatest selling point is its price: nothing. Completely free to use, the Basic package is a good way to test the waters.

Stepping things up from there is the Plus tier, which includes all of Basic's features, with some screen-sharing and remote desktop control thrown in for good measure. Voice and video calls are still limited to two users, but Active Directory integration and greater message history (up to 1 GB per user) makes this a more manageable experience. While not free, the Plus tier is priced modestly to have little impact on the bottom line.

Finally, Amazon Chime's Pro tier delivers additional features that include the ability to record meetings, leverage conference room video systems, and hold gatherings with up to 100 attendees. If you really want to streamline your organization's collaboration and mobility efforts, this is the way to go. While this tier is priced slightly higher per month, you'll get more bang for your buck by making it the focal point of your communication efforts.

When you really stop and think about it, collaboration is only as effective as your ability to communicate. Remove obstacles that hinder the flow of communication, and you simultaneously empower collaboration. With a unified application across all devices, Amazon Chime makes communication and collaboration a simple one-click affair, wherever you are.

Amazon Chime Pro tier is available at no extra cost to all customers with a Vonage Business Cloud plan, so be sure to find out more about how this integration can help your organization boost company-wide collaboration.

Vonage Staff

Written by Vonage Staff