Nexmo Welcomes Tropo Customers

At Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, we hate to see anything disrupt communication between businesses and their customers. With pioneering technology such as our patented Adaptive Routing feature, direct relationships with a global carrier network—including our own Vonage voice network in the US, and a world-class support organization, our platform is designed to prevent anything from disrupting our customers’ communications with their end customers.

That’s why when we heard that Cisco is winding down operations of the Tropo API beginning this month—which certainly qualifies as disruptive—we had to take action. The Nexmo team devised the Tropo Migration Program to welcome Tropo customers to our platform. If your business still relies on Tropo, Nexmo is committed to helping you migrate your application to our platform without any further disruption to your business.

To ensure your applications transition smoothly, our Tropo Migration program includes:

More than just a timely replacement for Tropo, our platform offers unique features that can improve the deliverability and cost-effectiveness of your customer communications. The aforementioned Adaptive Routing selects the best delivery route for your SMS messages based on an algorithm that continuously monitors the performance of available routes. The Nexmo Voice API not only offers high-quality voice but our per-second billing policy also ensures that you pay only for the time you use. In addition, because we have our own voice network in the United States, you can save even more with our 1 for 1 Voice and Unlimited USA Voice plans (subject to a fair usage policy). Contact us for specifics.

Join the thousands of companies around the world who trust Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, to power the communications in their business-critical applications. We’re here to make the transition seamless. Contact us or check out our step-by-step migration guide today to get started.

By Vonage Staff

Staff Writer