NewVoiceMedia at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2019

We couldn’t be more excited to be participating in Salesforce World Tour Sydney on the 6th March. At the show, we'll be demonstrating our omnichannel contact centre solution, showing how it can help your business provide a better experience for customers and prospects.

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Effective omnichannel integration can transform your customer experience (CX) strategy. It can give your contact centre a greater sense of unity across its different customer channels, including voice, social media and web chat, providing customers with a more seamless experience. Every customer’s journey is different and, by using omnichannel technology, you can ensure that each of them is equally catered for.

Here are some of the key benefits of an omnichannel contact centre, exploring how it can improve customer relations, empower your employees and enable you to analyse and make use of data with ease.

Serve every customer superbly

With so many ways for consumers to contact businesses, it can be difficult to keep track of interactions. A customer may initiate an interaction through one channel and then later resume it through another. If your contact channels aren't properly connected, this process will be far from seamless. Most likely, they'll have to repeat the same information multiple times. Without omnichannel integration, it is difficult to keep track of customers’ journeys, leading to poor CX.

Integrating an effective omnichannel solution into your contact centre means you can easily maintain a customer’s data across multiple channels. It allows you to feed all the information from these different sources into a single location; your customer relationship management (CRM) system, ensuring that every interaction has sufficient context. This not only ensures your customers are provided with a seamless experience, leaving them with a positive opinion of your business, but your contact centre should function more efficiently.

Delight your customers and empower your agents

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, it's important to show your customers that you're willing to go the extra mile. Research from PwC found that one in three consumers will walk away from a business they love after one bad experience. If you want to stop your customers from going elsewhere, you need to make sure your CX is as strong as it possibly can be.

Similarly, it's important to ensure that your employees feel empowered in their roles. You need to set them up to succeed, or you may lose them. Finding a replacement for an employee and training them up to the same standard can be a time-consuming and costly experience, so it's important to make sure they feel like they're a good fit for their position.

Omnichannel integration can please both your customers and agents if the right solution is chosen. Allowing you to maintain customer data across multiple channels, it'll enable you to show care towards your customers in simple ways, for example, knowing their name before the call begins. Similarly, omnichannel functionality will empower your agents and set them up to succeed, with effective routing ensuring they only interact with customers they are equipped to deal with.

Discover what your customers need

It can be difficult to meet your customers’ needs and improve satisfaction rates if your contact centre isn’t using data effectively. Each customer interaction, no matter which channel it takes place through, yields a large amount of useful data. To make sure that your contact centre is able to reach its full potential, you need to be able to draw all your customer data to a single location and analyse it.

By using a solution which employs a single routing engine for all digital and voice channels, you can pull all this data together into your CRM platform. After analysing it, you can use the data to determine what changes you need to make to your overall strategy and implement new KPIs for customer agents. It'll also help you to provide a consistent experience across all contact channels, highlighting areas where improvements can be made to your customer service.

Final thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what an effective omnichannel solution can do for your contact centre. The benefits are numerous, and it can truly transform how consumers view your business and interact with you.

Be sure to join us at Salesforce World Tour Sydney at the ICC Exhibition Hall tomorrow, as we examine the true capabilities of an omnichannel contact centre. Discover how it can help your customers, your agents and your business.

Nicola Brookes
Nicola Brookes

Nicola is RVP Corporate Communications at NewVoiceMedia. She will mostly blog about customer service, industry news, events and company updates. Follow Nicola on Twitter at